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Sandy Hook Yacht Club Estates

 What is Sandy Hook Yacht Club Estates?


Sandy Hook Yacht Club Estates was started in the early 1960's by a group of developers. These developers created a non-profit corporation and they drafted ‚Äč restrictive covenants, articles of incorporation, bylaws, rules, regulations, guidelines and procedures for the new community to follow. In order to keep track of the rules and regulations and have a prosperous and solvent community, a volunteer Board of Trustees was created. Each board member has a position of responsibility, and some have committees, to do the work needed to maintain this community.  I can say the work is rewarding in keeping community where its members are proud to live and enjoy.


The Sandy Hook community has a beach area, cabana, swimming pool, fire pit, children's play area, a park, tennis courts, and basketball court. There is a boat ramp, marina and a parking lot for boat trailers. The marina has a permanent moorage and a guest dock. In order to keep the entire infrastructure up, each member pays assessments, but mostly the work is done by volunteers: its community members.


Jeff Tribou - President, Sandy Hook Yacht Club Estates



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 6/7/2020 4:25 PM
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  • Selling or buying Sandy Hook property? Contact the property owner for desired documentation which can easily be retrieved from the website.