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Sandy Hook Water System

Sandy Hook has an excellent water system capable of serving the entire community with cold, clear and chemical free water. The water is pumped from a single well located on Sandy Hook Drive to one of two storage tanks located off Cultus Bay Road. Gravity feed along with an air pressure tank results in good water pressure throughout the community.

The well is 330 feet deep from ground level and descends into an excellent aquifer. The well contains a 30 hp, 440 volt submersible pump capable of moving the water from the well up the hill and into the storage tanks at a rate of 250 gpm.

The two storage tanks are concrete constructed, 50 feet tall and can hold about 130K gals each. In addition to the air pressure pumps, there are two large booster pumps to augment the water lines feeding the community fire hydrants. The interior of the tanks were cleaned and inspected in the fall of 2008.

The system was renovated and upgraded in 2003 to include new water lines, valves, hydrants, and water meters. We are approved by WA state for 267 water connections and presently have approximately 225 in use.

A maintenance schedule has been established to flush lines, exercise valves, lubricate pumps, and inspect critical parts on a periodic basis. The water meters are read once per quarter. This allows pinpointing sources of water leaks and any gross over usage of water. The water is tested monthly for coli form bacteria and periodically for a variety of organic and inorganic chemicals as required by the Washington DOH.